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Who is Noot Noot? Pro Valorant team disqualified for cheating

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 7, 2023

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Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know about the latest cheating drama in the Valorant Game Changers. So, who is Noot Noot, and what exactly did the team do? 

On October 5, Riot caught a team cheating in a live game against Complexity GX3, which led to an instant forfeit of the match. Unsurprisingly, Noot Noot has been disqualified from the series, but fans of the game who don’t follow GC might be curious about this new team.

Noot Noot is a relatively new name in Valorant, so you’re not alone if you don’t know the team members and the accused hacker Malibu. Here’s all we know about Noot Noot and what went down on October 5. 

Valorant Game Changers Noot Noot

Who is Noot Noot?

Noot Noot is an org-less team that participated in GC and beat Disguised Toast in the upper bracket of GC III. Noot Noot’s performance, despite being from an unknown team, immediately caught the eye, sparking growing suspicion among both viewers and competing teams.

Noot Noot has a bunch of 2nd and 1st positions to their name at tournaments like PsychoCup, Knight’s Arena Sakura Cup, and more. But VCT GC was the highest level the squad competed at and came pretty far as well.

On VLR, all five players are mentioned, but only two are registered with their full names: Marceline “karie” Carson, a player, and Cole “Lycain” Ramsey. Not much is known about the rest of the team, but mili has an active X account, where she apologized for her teammate cheating. 

What did Noot Noot do?

Noot Noot’s Malibu was caught cheating by Riot’s anti-cheat at Valorant GC against Complexity GX3. 

Complexity GX3 was comfortably dominating Noot Noot, until map 3 started and Malibu started landing insane shots. It was round 2 when the accused cheater killed 4 members of GX3 on low HP, and the match was paused. After a delay of two hours, it was announced that Noot Noot would forfeit the match on cheating accusations.

The aftermath was even surreal when V1’s coach implied that one of the team members might be using an AI-generated image as a headshot, fanning more theories regarding the team.

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However, the rest of the Noot Noot members claim they weren’t aware of Malibu’s cheating. 

“I believed that Mali was one of the best players I had ever seen, and now I have been told of their past being one of a player who ban evaded. I had never heard of that player beforehand and that is completely new information to me,” Mili said. 

The accused cheater has also denied cheating, claiming that they were banned due to ban evading. Another member, xann, claims they met Malibu two weeks ago and had no idea they were cheating. 

In any case, the team has now been disqualified from the tournament, but that doesn’t mean Disguised Toast would be reinstated in place of Noot Noot, Riot has clarified.