Valorant team caught cheating against Disguised, Complexity

By Olivia Richman


Oct 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Game Changers team noot noot is being investigated for cheating after a few suspicious wins.

During a Game Changers Series III match against Complexity GX3, there was a weird extended pause on noot noot’s end. But after winning that match, noot noot went on to also beat Disguised Game Changers.

Now, Riot Anti-Cheat has confirmed that one of noot noot’s players was cheating upon closer inspection.

What happened to Disguised GC?

After losing to noot noot, Disguised GC was placed in the Lower Bracket. Now, fans are demanding Riot to “bring them back.”

Right now, noot noot is being investigated to find out the full extent of the team’s cheating in Game Changers Series III and beyond. Meanwhile, noot noot receive a match forfeit against Complexity GX3. But will they also get one against Disguised GC?

The Valorant community is calling on Riot to take back the loss on Disguised GC’s record and bring them back from the Lower Bracket. Some are even saying that the whole bracket is “ruined.”

Right now, it’s impossible to know how many times noot noot cheated, if at all, making it challenging to figure out what matches actually counted leading up to this point.

While the drama has entertained some fans, others are anxiously waiting to hear what Riot plans to do now that noot noot may have unfairly won against Disguised GC and others.