Catfeine fan art

Who is Catfeine in Poppy Playtime?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 19, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

If you’re a fan of Poppy Playtime, you’ve probably seen images of Catfeine all over the internet but are not quite sure how she fits into the game. Here is everything you need to know about Catfeine in Poppy Playtime.

Catfeine appearance

Catfeine appears to be an orange cat with large, pointed ears and a hand on the end of her long, jagged tail. In that hand is a cup of coffee and she also wears a sun pendant around her neck. Catfeine has a large open smile with fangs inside.

Based on her name and design, it’s easy to see that Catfeine loves her coffee. It’s sometimes said she is on the brink of an overdose. To match, this character has a positive personality and is always active.

Is Catfeine part of the Smiling Critters?

The Smiling Critters is a plushie line in Poppy Playtime that features animals with big smiles, themed necklaces, and scents that match their personality. One of the most infamous Smiling Critters is CatNap, who encourages sleep and has a soothing scent. Unfortunately, CatNap was recalled for its scent causing violent nightmares for children who breathed it in.

Catfeine is a fan made original character that is part of the Frowning Critters, who act as sort of the opposite of the Smiling Critters. Catfeine also has the opposite effect on children as CatNap, keeping them awake and energized instead of putting them to sleep.

Who made Catfeine?

Catfeine is actually not part of Poppy Playtime and is not an official character. Catfeine was created by a fan who was inspired by the lore and style of the horror game. She is part of the Smiling Critters AU, or alternate universe.

Catfeine was created by a user who goes by Eggritos. The character has since become a fan-favorite online and is often the subject of discussion and fan art amongst Poppy Playtime players.

Will Catfeine ever be in Poppy Playtime?

Most likely not. Catfeine is currently just a fan-made character design and not part of the game in any way. It’s unlikely that developers would implement the character into the game.


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