When will Final Fantasy XVI come to Xbox and PC?

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The PS5 release of Final Fantasy XVI is getting rave reviews, but when will Xbox and PC players get in on the RPG fun?

Final Fantasy is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, and Square Enix is no stranger to putting its games on every possible platform. However, the company has taken a more exclusive approach with XVI, debuting it on the PS5 with no other options at launch. Players on Microsoft platforms are left out in the cold, but it may not be that way forever. 

Here’s info on the potential PC and Xbox releases of Final Fantasy XVI, both if and when they could come out.

When will Final Fantasy XVI come out for PC?

The PC release of Final Fantasy XVI has been confirmed by producer Naoki Yoshida, though a release date has not been publicized. 

Yoshida talked about a potential PC release, funnily enough, on the official PlayStation blog. In an interview, he explained that the company was already working on optimizing the game for PC. He touched on Sony’s timed-release exclusivity with the series, with further implies that a PC release will come out after a few months.

Final Fantasy release date

As for the release date of Final Fantasy XVI on PC, the most likely timing will be in early 2024. A six-month delay is the standard for Square Enix titles, with Yoshida even referencing a “semi-annual” exclusivity deal. Fans can expect news sometime around February or March of 2024, with a possible release in those months or shortly after.

Xbox may not ever get Final Fantasy XVI

While the PC release being confirmed is great news for Final Fantasy XVI fans without a PS5, players who prefer Xbox are in for a disappointment.

There are currently no plans to release Final Fantasy XVI on the Xbox Series. This is a fairly common choice by Japanese developers, as the platform is notoriously unpopular in their home country. This is especially true for JRPGs, which are almost exclusively released on Sony consoles with PC ports for major titles.

There are many exceptions to this rule, but given the lack of a statement by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XVI is unlikely to ever release on the Xbox Series S or X.