All the Final Fantasy XVI party members explained

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 16, 2023

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Square Enix is slowly peeling back the curtain on Final Fantasy XVI, and three party members have already been confirmed for the journey.

While the main character has always played the most important role, modern Final Fantasy games have never been afraid to shine the spotlight on their supporting cast. FF XVI is no different, and the game’s developer has already revealed key info about who will join Clive on his journey to rescue Joshua.

Here are three confirmed Final Fantasy XVI party members and what we know about them before the game’s release on June 22, 2023.

Jill Warwick will be FF XVI’s leading lady

Final Fantasy XVI Jill Warwick

Jill Warwick will probably be the most familiar character in the game for Final Fantasy veterans. She’s the protagonist’s childhood friend, originally born in the Northern Territories but raised alongside Clive and Joshua in Rosaria.

Sometime during her stay, she was discovered to be the Dominant of the Eikon Shiva, giving her the ability to summon the powerful ice titan and control their powers.

Torgal the wolf will be Clive’s best friend

FF XVI Torgal

What’s a Final Fantasy game without an animal companion? Torgal will fill that role as one of Final Fantasy XVI’s party members. Similarly to Jill, Torgal is from the Northern Terrirotires but was adopted into the royal family of Rosaria. He was Clive’s dog during his adolescence and has since grown into a ferocious beast capable of fighting alongside the rest of the main cast.

The official FF XVI website also shows an image of Torgal as a puppy, so look forward to that during a flashback.

A new Cid rounds out Final Fantasy XVI party members

Final Fantasy XVI Cid

Cid is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy franchise, though his exact characterization in each game varies wildly. In FF XVI, he retains his role as the party mechanic, though he also takes on a more religious role. He’s been branded as a heretic of Solaria’s official religion, and thus survives in deadlands outside of civilization.

His ultimate goal is to create a place where Dominants can live freely, and his becoming the host of Ramuh only gives him more motivation.


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