Wednesday Adams

When is Wednesday season 2 returning to Netflix?

By Fariha Bhatti


May 15, 2023

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Wednesday Adam’s horrific shenanigans at Nevermore Academy have won the hearts of goth fans around the world. But when is Wednesday season 2 returning? 

Wednesday season 1 didn’t precisely end on a cliffhanger, but fans are still on their toes to find out more about the troubled Adam’s family child. What would Wednesday do after being expelled? Fans have many questions, but most importantly, when is Wednesday season 2 returning to Netflix? 

The Netflix show Wednesday ranked as the second most popular show of all time on the platform. Viewers shared memes and signature dance reels from the show, making it a hit among general media consumers. Despite assurances of an imminent return, season 2 of Wednesday has yet to be released.

When is Wednesday season 2 release date?

Wednesday and the Thing

Netflix confirmed that Wednesday has been renewed for season 2 in January 2023, but since then, no firm date has been announced. To the disappointment of the fans, the next season will likely release in the first half of 2024. 

According to reports, season 2’s filming hasn’t yet started, which further points to a 2024 release. Jenna Ortega has also revealed that the writers are just getting started with the story, so clearly, Wednesday season 2 isn’t coming anytime in 2023. 

What will happen in Wednesday season 2? 

Fortunately, fans do have an idea where season 2 is going. According to Jenna, Wednesday will finally come out of the cursed love triangle and be her own “individual.” Unlike season 1, which was crammed with well-timed quips and humor, season 2 will have you shivering in fear. On Jimmy Fallon, Jenna said that season 2 will have a bigger “horror aspect.” 

It’d be interesting to see if Wednesday tries to get back into Nevermore Academy on her own in season 2. 

What happened at the end of Wednesday?

Wednesday in season 1

Wednesday gets expelled from Nevermore Academy at the end of season 1.

In the final episodes of Netflix’s Wednesday, it is revealed that Tyler, the son of Sheriff Galpin, is the killer creature that stalks the woods. Wednesday tortures him into a confession but later discovers that he was under the control of someone else. Wednesday suspects psychiatrist Kinbott, but it is actually Laurel, the sister of the Crackstone descendant, who was seeking revenge on the school and the Addams family for their roles in her family’s downfall. In the end, Laurel dies at the hands of Hyde, and Wednesday is expelled from Nevermore Academy.