Manifest cast

Here are all the cast members of TV show Manifest

By Fariha Bhatti


May 6, 2023

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The story of Flight 828, which disappeared and returned after five years, has become one of the top shows in 2023. Here is the cast of the mysterious TV show Manifest. 

Manifest has a storyline that is tough to ignore, even for those not into the mystery genre. Chaos ensues when a plane reappears after its passengers are marked dead — on top of that, nobody has aged. Now, the passengers who made it back have callings, alerting them that their survival is no coincidence. 

Most of the seasons follow Michaela and her brother Ben as they solve the mystery behind their disappearance with the help of a resident scientist and fellow 828-er Saanvi. Amid the callings and a looming Death Date, the characters also struggle with their personal life where their loved ones had moved on during the five years of disappearance. 

List of TV show Manifest cast

Manifest’s storyline is immersive, played by actors who were truly dedicated to their roles. Here is the main cast of hit TV show Manifest. 

Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

Michaela Stone

Michaela, the show’s main character, is played by Melissa Roxburgh. The show starts with Michaela getting on the plane in 2013, on the fence about Jared Vasqueze’s proposal. Finally, she decides to say yes to him, but her disappearance ruins her future plans. 

She’s also the first to believe that callings aren’t just post-traumatic flashbacks but may have something to do with the plane’s mysterious disappearance. She’s a detective in the show with plenty of experience interrogating crime.

Josh Dallas as Ben Stone

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Played by Josh Dallas, Ben is a father of two when he gets on the cursed flight. However, he returns to his wife being in love with another man after a five-year disappearance. Ben is also Michaela’s brother and helps his sister make sense of the callings. 

J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez

Jared Vasquez

Jared Vasquez, played by J.R Ramirez, is a detective in Manifest. He’s also Michaela’s lover, who eventually gets engaged to her friend after the plane’s disappearance. However, he later breaks off his marriage due to unresolved feelings for Michaela and being overly invested in flight 828 — known as being an Xer (anti-828.)

Luna Blaise as Olive Stone

Olive Stone

Olivia Stone is Cal’s twin, played by Luna Blaise. She’s not an 828-er, but she plays a key role in helping her family make sense of the callings. When Cal returns from the missing flight, Olivia is five years older than her twin brother, but the siblings adjust to the new age difference. 

Ty Doran as Cal Stone

Cal Stone

Cal Stone is Ben’s son. He was on 828, so his connection with the callings is dangerously potent. He’s the youngest flight member but was, unfortunately, the only one to see the light when the flight disappeared. His knowledge about 828 and the mysterious events can be reflected in his art, which is both haunting and enlightening. 

Matt Long as Zeke Landon

Zeke Landon

Zeke is portrayed by Matt Long in the 12th episode of Manifest. This means he wasn’t on 828 but he did have a similar mysterious event happen to him. Zeke was MIA for a whole year, freezing to death. Upon his return, he feels a close connection with Michaela, a girl he’s never met before but has only seen in a magazine remembering 828-ers. 

Parveen Kaur as Dr. Saanvi Bahl

Dr. Saanvi Bahl
MANIFEST SEASON 04. Parveen Kaur as Saanvhi Bahl, Parveen Kaur as Saanvhi Bahl in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022

Saanvi Bahl, played by Parveen Kaur, is 828-ers’ resident scientist. She plays an impactful role in finding logical reasoning behind the callings. In her mission to make sense of the mystery, Bahl doesn’t refrain from experimenting on herself. Her research concluded that all 828-ers share a unique blood marker, so the events aren’t all paranormal but may have scientific reasoning. 

Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer

Angelina Meyer

Holly Taylor, who portrays Angelina Meyer, enters Manifest in Season 3 as one of the passengers on flight 828. Angelina was locked in her parent’s basement for her callings, where Michaela and Zeke rescued her from. Little did they know that Angelina would be the one to kill Grace to procure her connection with the youngest Stone family member, Eden. 

Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance

Robert Vance

Vance is a director of the NSA, played by Daryl Edwards. He debuts in Season 1 as the one interrogating flight 828. He also fakes his death to remove hurdles in his interrogation and to investigate the mysterious happenings privately. 

Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone

Grace Stone

Grace is Ben’s wife, who debuts in Season 1. After Ben’s disappearance, Grace also moves on with a new man but later breaks off her relationship to stay with Ben upon his strange return. Grace wasn’t on flight 828, but she got brief callings when she was pregnant with Ben’s child. Unfortunately, she dies at the hands of Angelina, the troubled child who kidnaps Eden. 

These are all the prominent cast members of TV show Manifest.