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When is the MultiVersus open beta? Everything we know so far

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 20, 2022

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The year’s wildest crossover, MultiVersus, is on the horizon. But it may be a while before players can take their favorite heroes for a spin in the game. 

Warner Bros first announced MultiVersus in 2021 as a platform fighter similar to Super Smash Bros., with exciting heroes and abilities taken from Warner Bros’ many owned creative properties. The crossover beat was enough to rope in player interest, building tons of hype around Warner Bros’ new game. The game has pulled numerous iconic characters from franchises like Batman, Adventure Time, and Game of Thrones. But players will have to wait before all of it goes live.

Getting a taste before the game before it officially comes out is possible through the open beta. Here’s when the MultiVersus open beta kicks off.

When is the MultiVersus open beta? 

crossplay in MultiVersus

The publisher hasn’t revealed the exact date, but the MultiVersus open beta will happen sometime in July 2022. 

MultiVersus’ closed alpha was a smash hit. Streamers and players alike got a chance to sink their teeth into early content and a roster featuring the likes of Harley Quinn, Batman, Tom & Jerry, and more. The closed alpha allowed a glance into the crossover and piqued fans’ interest. Unfortunately, the closed alpha was limited in scope, which is why many failed to get access despite early registration. 

MultiVersus open beta will provide a broader player base a chance to try out the game prior to the full release. 

How to get access to the MultiVersus open beta

To gain timely access to MultiVersus, players should sign up on the official website here

Once you’ve signed up, you should be able to download the game for free whenever it goes live for the open beta. It’s unknown if the developer would roll out additional content between now and then, but that’s likely be the case. The open beta may feature more exciting new content and characters as the game expands from its closed alpha state. 

It remains to be seen what all will be new in MultiVersus. So far the game has 16 playable characters and is promising more to come. All characters are divided into the following character classes: 

  • Tank
  • Bruiser
  • Support
  • Assassin
  • Mage/Ranged

Players can pick their heroes based on their abilities and specialties to gain an edge over their enemies. The developers have promised that more characters will be added once the game is out of beta. Additionally, MultiVersus will also have upcoming content-filled seasons and DLC for players to enjoy.


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