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What’s the best platform for CSGO trading in 2022?

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 7, 2022

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The best online trading platforms offer advanced features, fast execution, stability, and reliability. All of this is difficult to find in one trading platform, but DMarket comes close to ticking all boxes in 2022.

Most traders are motivated to trade in order to increase the general value of their inventory and to get cash in their wallets. A marketplace is just a tool to reach these goals. The recent crash is proof that stability is crucial for traders to accomplish their goals, and DMarket has become the go-to for modern-day traders.

Here is why DMarket is the best trading platform in 2022 and stands out in the herd.

Stability and Reliability

The platform just works. You might dig deeper and discover a team with previous experience in powering game items-related projects. Or you might discover that it has been active in the skins trading community for a few years already. And you know, these are very important facts, but it is much more significant to open the platform (website or application) and find it up and running, as it should be.

DMarket hasn’t registered any significant crashes that may cause disturbances for the users.

Selling Skins for Real World Money

This is a very convenient feature when you want to monetize the treasures from your inventory. It’s an open market with its classic rules. Some users offer items for sale and some purchase them paying real-world currencies. Supply and demand directly affect the price and your success in selling your skins.

For those who come to DMarket to buy items, it’s a big attraction. A player wants that specific item for their CSGO style, and they just buy it. This straightforward approach brings many clients for such traders as myself.

Withdraw Your Money

This is likely DMarket’s best feature. Whenever you earn some cash by selling skins, it’ll get transferred directly to your bank card or to a convenient payment system.

In fact, this is one of the best things that distinguishes DMarket from other platforms. Traders are not really interested in exchanging skins or selling them for Steam funds. They want to have a profit to use it for anything.

Skins Trading

Skin trading platforms 2022

CS.Money is pretty much known for the possibility to exchange skins. Again, this aspect works perfectly on DMarket.

Traders often use this exchange for two reasons:

  • To give many cheap skins and get something more rare and expensive. It’s a good step for relatively long-term savings in skins. Transactions with rare items are not the most popular in the community, but some players want specific skins, and therefore you might expect good revenue from them.
  • To give very expensive items and get something more common. It’s a step to sell skins quicker as players are more willing to purchase items at mid-range prices.

DMarket offers many convenient features, it’s a fully-fledged trading platform and its usability will exceed your expectations.

Lots of Active Users

It’s another basic, must-have thing as an active market has many advantages for traders. The more people come to a platform, the better the result is for everyone. You sell items faster. You have a better choice of skins to purchase. You get excellent trading deals.

Many Games

Skins trading business is big in CSGO, but it’s not limited to it. Traders want to earn in every available gaming universe, such as Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Rust, etc.

DMarket provides me and other users with such a choice. Again, the platform has interesting features to store your items on Steam or directly on DMarket. But this is rather a technical advantage and it only complements the variety of connected games.

Awesome Prices

You need to be patient to find a good offer, for example, from a beginner in trading, who wants to sell their skin and doesn’t know the general situation with prices. DMarket is a place with many users and therefore with high competition. Quite often, you will end up purchasing something rather cheap.

And then, in the world of ever-changing values, you should not be in a hurry to trade skins as soon as possible. Inflation might shake the economy, but in-game items live in a different dimension. They keep being precious, so be patient enough to wait for a client with the right price.

Instant Sell

Despite being mostly in the mode of a patient trader, sometimes you want to have the quickest trade possible. DMarket has a very interesting feature for this. It is called Instant Sell, and it’s another reason why this is the best trading platform in 2022.

When someone wants to buy a specific skin, they create a “target,”  so the bot starts looking for someone who sells that thing. And when you need to sell this item, you don’t need to wait for this client to find the offer. The platform makes the deal automatically. It’s a very convenient feature.



In addition to the traditional system of skins trading, which is based on Steam, DMarket has its own distributed ledger. The platform has direct contact with some games to host their items and support transactions on them. DMarket stores different NFT objects. NFTs on a trading platform is powerful proof of long-term plans and shows a good attempt to be in tune with progressive trends.

Crashes of CS.Money destroyed the credibility of that platform for many. So, many are now finding DMarket for their business needs, and they recommend it as the best skins trading platform in 2022.


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