What your favorite Eeveelution says about your personality

By Olivia Richman


Sep 11, 2022

Reading time: 5 min

Eevee is a unique Pokémon since it can evolve into eight distinct Pokémon, all representing a different element. The Eeveelution that Eevee turns into depends on what stone it touches, or a few other things depending on the game.

Everyone has their favorite Eeveelution, whether it’s because of its appearance or its abilities. But what does your favorite Eeveelution say about you?


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Jolteon can create up to 10,000 volts of electricity. This agile, fast Pokémon has cells that create small electrical charges, letting it generate strong electric-type attacks. Jolteon can also make lightning or cause thunderstorms.

If you like Jolteon best, you probably have a feisty personality. You’re determined but sometimes a bit confrontational. You can be a little bit moody since you’re easily annoyed by people or situations. When Jolteon is agitated or nervous, its fur will stand on end, meaning it’s ready to let thunderbolts loose. You can be standoffish with strangers but once someone gains your trust, you are very loyal and caring.


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Flareon’s body temperature is hot, hot, hot. Flareon’s average body temperature is 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit but it can reach above 3,000 if it’s excited. This fire-type Pokémon’s best moves include Flare Blitz and Overheat, depending on the build.

Despite its large size and lion-like appearance, Flareon is actually a very shy Pokémon. If Flareon is your favorite, you may be an introvert who is nervous around new people. You don’t like being the center of attention and can be overwhelmed in crowds. Once people get to know you, however, they can see you’re very sweet and warm-hearted. You do get heated up, however, when someone you care about gets hurt.


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This water-type Pokémon has a very liquid body. it even glitters when the sunlight hits it at certain angles. Vaporeon is a fast swimmer and can breathe underwater. In fact, Vaporeon can even melt into water due to its ability to manipulate water molecules. Vaporeon also has a lot of healing abilities in the card game and mainline titles, as a true blue tank.

If Vaporeon is your favorite Eeveelution, you are most likely an adaptable person who is able to go with the flow of any situation with friends or work. You can be a bit reserved, especially around new people, usually observing your environment before acting. You are a gentle person and like to take care of your loved ones in any way you can.


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Leafeon uses photosynthesis to purify the air around them while they sleep in the sunlight. This is how they get their energy, making them quite efficient. Leafeon has strong moves, but is not one to start a fight. This is a quick Pokémon that is quite imposing in battle.

If you like this grass-type Eeveelution, you are probably a very calm and reserved person. Leafeon doesn’t like to fight despite its strength, often choosing to inhabit quiet areas. You like your alone time, whether it’s reading at home or taking a walk at a park. Like Leafeon, you would rather take a bath than be out at a party. You’re in tune with yourself and with nature.


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Glaceon can freeze the air around them, creating a diamond-dust flurry and even powdery snow. Their lowest body temperature is below -75 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing them to turn their fur into sharp icy needles, shooting them at their prey.

If Glaceon is your favorite Eeveelution, you are cool and collected. Glaceon is a very focused Pokémon that likes to analyze its surroundings and situations before making a move. You are quite confident and make a good leader. You notice that people are easily influenced by you due to your charm, appearance, and insight.


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Umbreon will start to glow when its body is exposed to moonlight, with the energy releasing when they are excited. This is a nocturnal Pokémon with incredible night vision. They are able to blend into the shadows easily.

If this dark-type Pokémon is your favorite Eeveelution, you are most definitely a night person. You are more likely to be exploring the night life of a major city than strolling through a park or doing outdoor activities. You can be a bit aggressive, known for your sarcastic comments and fast decision-making. You like to get things done efficiently and always go after what you want. You usually don’t care what people think about you.


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Espeon can predict its opponent’s move and even the weather thanks to the gem on its head. This gem glows when Espeon is about to unleash psychic energy with moves like Confusion and Psychic. This Eeveelution builds up its psychic power by bathing in sunlight. Espeon’s psychic abilities make it one of the most formidable Eeveelutions in battle.

If you find yourself drawn to Espeon, you are most likely a very hard-working person who always strives to better yourself. You are mature and focused, taking work seriously and always offering advice and solutions. Like Espeon, you are very loyal to those closest to you and can even get pretty protective of your loved ones. You’re a morning person and like to get things done before night.


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With moves like Charm and Dazzling Gleam, Sylveon is a powerful fairy Pokémon that uses its ribbon-like body parts to create a soothing aura that tranquilizes enemies. Once under Sylveon’s spell, Pokémon are in danger of getting strangled by these seemingly innocent feelers. These feelers are also able to sense someone’s emotions and behavior.

If you love Sylveon, you are most likely very charming. Whether it’s due to your appearance and style or your presence, you know how to command a room. You give off a peaceful vibe, and are able to eliminate hostility in the room. People often misjudge you and underestimate you, but you just use this to your advantage. You are very in tune with peoples’ emotions and are often very empathetic, making you the go-to person for advice amongst your friends and family. Nothing is too hard or too big to deter you.