What you should know before playing the Dead Space Remake

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Going in blind can be fun, but there are some things most players should know before jumping into the Dead Space remake.

Originally released in 2008, Dead Space is remembered as one of the greatest horror games of all time. The claustrophobic halls of the USG Ishimura and terrifying xenomorphs combine for an oppressive atmosphere that’s difficult to recreate. The Dead Space remake captures the exact same vibe as the original, and it all may be a little much for some gamers.

If you’re looking for some tips and info on gameplay, here are four things you should know before starting the Dead Space remake.

Dead Space remake is a straight-up horror game

If you’re more familiar with Dead Space 2 and 3, you may be under the impression that Dead Space 1 is a third-person action shooter. The series definitely escalated the action elements in its later installments but the original Dead Space is most definitely a horror game. If you go in expecting a Call of Duty-esque campaign of running and gunning, you will definitely be disappointed.

The original Dead Space is a pure survival horror game, which you should know before downloading the remake. The vast majority of gameplay is skulking through (hopefully) lonely hallways collecting equipment before getting a wake-up call from whatever awaits at the end. There are arena-style combat sections with lots of shooting, but the story and atmosphere are the main areas of focus.

Don’t treat Dead Space weapons like standard guns 

Dead Space’s combat may not be the selling point of the game, but the developers put a ton of effort into creating unique weapons.

Dead Space’s weapons aren’t actually firearms. Instead, they’re tools that Isaac has access to as an engineer. The starting weapon, named the Plasma Cutter, is originally meant to sever wires. This isn’t just fun lore, as this dramatically impacts how players have to use the various weapons during the game.

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Necropmorphs are strong and fast, but their limbs are deteriorated and easy to sever. By altering whether the Plasma Cutter sprays vertically or horizontally, players can use it to sever the limbs of enemies. Dead Space Remake players can sever the legs of fast foes while taking out the arms of heavy hitters. After that, enemies become much more vulnerable to melee attacks and stomps.

Dismemberment is the defining trait of Dead Space combat, so tinker with your weapons and learn how to blow limbs clean off.

Get creative with the mechanics to save on ammo

Dead Space’s biggest calling card is the sheer amount of tension it puts on the player. Every dead body could be an enemy just waiting to jumpscare you. New enemy types usually appear in the most terrifying way possible, and your scarce ammo is whittled away with every surprise. Ammo conservation is a huge deal in Dead Space, and creative players can find lots of ways to improve their odds of survival.

As a video game, Dead Space has red barrels that explode when shot. This is a valid strategy in the remake, but using one with Kinesis can clear out most of a wave without firing a shot. Stasis also works great against single necromorphs, allowing you to really concentrate on your aim. The creativity also applies to exploring, as there’s more spare ammo hidden across the Ishimura than most fans will find. Combining the game’s mechanics is a great way to save on ammo and less the ever-present tension.

Is the Dead Space Remake exactly the same as the original game?

As a remake of a 15-year-old game, the new Dead Space has massively improved visuals. However, there are also several gameplay changes in the remake version of Dead Space. The biggest changes are cosmetic, but there are also several gameplay changes meant to improve upon the original. Weapons have new upgrade paths with a system similar to Dead Space 2, and the map has been altered to make backtracking faster.

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The biggest addition of new Dead Space content is a new suite of side missions added to the remake. These levels involve exploring entirely new parts of the Ishimura that weren’t available in 2008. Quests give players a new look at side characters and further develop Isaac Clarke as a character. They also grant special rewards that are entirely unique to the 2023 release.

If you’re already a massive fan of the original Dead Space, you should know that there’s a good bit of additional content in the remake.


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