Super Mario Bros. Movie 2

What we know about The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 so far

By Olivia Richman


Mar 10, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

On MAR10, better known as Mario Day, Nintendo decided to share some big news about The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel.

The first Super Mario Bros. Movie, which had Nintendo and Illumination teaming up to bring the iconic characters to the big screen, grossed over $730 million in theaters. The popular movie had fans speculating about the possibility of another film, and it has now been confirmed.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 date

On MAR10 Day 2024, Nintendo announced that The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 is officially coming out on April 3, 2026 in the US.

Right now, the team behind the first movie is working on the second film’s storyboard and environment. The animation will begin soon, according to the announcement. But Nintendo wasn’t ready to share any specific details just yet.

Who is in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2?

Fans have some clues as to which characters will be in the sequel. First, a lot of the main characters will likely be returning, based on actors Chris Pratt and Jack Black talking openly about their thoughts on the second film’s possibilities. For example, Black has said in the past that he wants The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 to be a musical.

On top of the expected characters, however, we think Yoshi will make his debut in the second film. The second end credit scene in the first film showed a white egg with green spots in Brooklyn, New York. This seems like a very strong hint at Yoshi’s arrival.

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What is the plot of The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2?

So far, no plot has been revealed for the second Mario Bros. Movie. It’s extremely up in the air and full of possibilities, ranging from Bowser attempting to get revenge to a focus on an entirely different character. For example, many feel Luigi didn’t get enough screen time and wonder if this sequel will focus more on him and some of his adventures, like Luigi’s Mansion.

With so many games to choose from, ranging from Mario Tennis to Super Smash Bros to Odyssey, it’s difficult to narrow down ideas just yet.