What is Valve planning for the 10th anniversary of CSGO?

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 24, 2022

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The 10th anniversary of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could bring a surprise for fans, but don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Very few games last 10 years, but Valve’s competitive tactical shooter is quickly approaching the mark. CSGO’s decennial anniversary is just a few months away, and fans are already speculating about the celebration. While a commemorative skin crate is the most likely outcome, Valve could also host a special event to mark the iconic milestone.

CSGO’s official release date is August 21, 2022, which puts the 10th anniversary at August 22 of this year. The game was technically available slightly before then, but only to a select group of players to test.

Counter-Strike’s history as a franchise stretches back even further. The first release of the original Half-Life mod was on November 8, 2000. Valve previously celebrated the 20th anniversary of the series with the commemorative CS20 case, which included several homages to iconic moments in the game’s history. Based on that celebration, what can fans expect for the 10th anniversary of CSGO?

Will Valve celebrate CSGO 10th anniversary?

Knowing Valve, the most likely celebration will be a commemorative case, but it could also be a more extravagant affair since this is a milestone for the game.

The 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike effectively set a precedence for how Valve will handle future important milestones. The 10th anniversary of CSGO will probably get another case with references to the game’s history.

A lot of the standout moments were covered in the CS20 case, but there are still plenty of things to commemorate. In fact, fans would probably appreciate a case that was just fan-favorite skins attached to new guns. An AWP | Howl or Glock | Asiimov would probably be very well-received.

There’s also a chance that Valve puts a little extra effort into the decennial celebration. Maybe CSGO will get a new game mode that reverts all of the balance patches between now and 2012.

Players could get to play with the “kennyS AWP” and tapping CZ-75 that defined a competitive era. Celebrations like these are all about blasts from the past, so a trip into CSGO history would be suited for a 10th-anniversary celebration.


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