Apex Legends Kill Code Part 4

What happened to Revenant at the end of Kill Code Part 4?

By Olivia Richman


Nov 27, 2023

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The final part of the Kill Code cinematic has been released, revealing the conclusion of the storyline between Loba and Revenant for now.

Respawn Entertainment has been slowly releasing segments of the Kill Code cinematic, revealing in depth lore with Loba, Revenant, Valkyrie. Fans have been hungry to see how it will all conclude but it’s looking like this isn’t the end.

Kill Code Part 4 is here

On November 27, Apex Legends tweeted the fourth and final part of the Kill Code cinematic, stating: “United in their goals, the legends face off with Duardo to destroy Revenant’s head once and for all.”

The cinematic starts with the legends making their way through the Duardo Silva facility in an attempt to get to Revenant’s head. Loba wants to destroy his mainframe and makes her way to the office, where Revenant gives it to her.

But as Loba is about to destroy it, Duardo tries to convince Revenent to remain alive, telling him of all the power he’d have. This convinces Revenent, who stops Loba from the final blow to the mainframe.

“They will all fear you again. All you have to do is win,” Duardo said.

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The sinister legend then uses his mainframe to control all of the Revenent bots. One of them eventually stabs Duardo, killing him. Then the clones focus on the legends but they run away, escaping Revenent and his army.

Kill Code Part 4 ends with the death of Duardo Silva. But it really doesn’t seem like a true conclusion, with many wondering what will happen after Revenant betrays Loba. Others are wondering what Revenant will do now that he has so much power, including possibly gaining control of the Apex Games themselves.


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