What are the best accessories in Final Fantasy 16?

By Melany Moncada


Jul 6, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Final Fantasy 16 has an amazing collection of accessories available. The right selection of the best accessories will not only make you look good but also increase key stats.

In Final Fantasy 16, accessories are the best way to customize Clive according to your unique playstyle. Some players prefer to increase the damage they are dealing with, while others prefer to have sturdy characters that can survive for longer. Regardless of your preference, there is an accessory that can help you achieve your vision.

Best accessories in Final Fantasy 16

Different accessories can be found in different areas. While one item can make a difference, having a good selection will put you in a noticeable advantage.

Genji Gloves

If you are the type of player that strikes first and asks questions later, increasing the damage dealt is the way to go. Genji Gloves increase the damage dealt to enemies by 5%.

It is not an easy item to unlock. You can collect it from the Patron’s Whisper if you have earned 2365 Renown. That is a significant number that is only possible after completing multiple quests and Notorious Marks.

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Adamantite Gloves

Regardless of your playstyle, you can never say no to extra maximum HP. Adamantite Gloves grants exactly 500 extra HP. Only disadvantage of this accessory is how late in the game you can find it.

To get your own pair of Adamantite Gloves, head west in the Edge of Infinity. You will see a path that branches off, walk through it to find a chest with the Adamantite Gloves in it.

On Fortune and the Heavens

Leveling up can take some time, especially if you only have a couple of free hours to play. On Fortune and the Heavens, increase the EXP earned by 15%. This boost is enough to reach level 50 faster.

On Fortune and the Heavens is available for purchase at Charon’s Toll in The Hideaway. The item will cost you 5500 Gil, but before buying it, you must complete the Cid the Outlaw main quest.

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The Golden Testament

Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy 16, required for almost any transaction happening in the game. It is relatively easy to earn Gil in the game, but extra money never hurts.

The Golden Testament increases all Gil earned by 35%. It is a costly item at 5000 Gil, but for every Gil you spend, you’ll be able to recover.