Week 13 Guardian Missions have shields, point to de_dust return

Nick Johnson • February 11, 22:00

As Operation Shattered Web winds down, some fans were wondered when Valve was going to kick it up a notch since SB wasn’t the content hog that Hydra was. Well, we’ve got good news. This week is going to be kind of crazy.

While looking through the configuration files for Week 13, WIN.gg uncovered several details, including one that might mean the return of one of Counter-Strike’s classic maps. First, here’s the quick and dirty details.

Week 13 Guardian Mission Details

What gun are we using? 

CTs get their hands on the M249 this week, and they’ll have to rack up 50 kills with it over five rounds. That means there are ten bots per round, more than Shattered Web has ever in a guardian mission at once.

Do we get any new tools this week?

You do! This week’s custom guardian configuration introduces the Riot Shield from Danger Zone to the players kit. But it looks like you’re going to have to steal it first.

Week 13's Guardian Mission is finally giving players shields

T side spawns with at least a few of them, so grabbing it early can turn the hectic mission into something manageable. Trust us, you’ll be glad you have it after you see what you’re up against.

What are we up against?

Week 13 features two heavy troopers per round starting in the first wave. More heavies, the T loadout, and the special mission all point towards players having to work out some strats for this week’s mission.

CT and T Heavy Characters will be featured heavily this week 13 Shattered Web

The T side loadout starts off with the classic Glock sidearm and XM1014, while the CT forces are rocking the M249 Machines gun, a Five-Seven for backup, and the DZ’s riot shield. Additionally, it looks like players will at least get the option to wear heavy assault armor of their own;

  • // set new items from other game modes
  • _guardian_extra_equipment_t weapon_shield

Could this be the return of Dust to CSGO?

Week 13 mission hints that it takes place on Dust 2 in the week’s splash picture below. The bots in Week 13 throw executes and HE grenades just like they’ve done in the past, and since we wanted to know where the smokes would come from, we went to the coordinates listed in the configuration.

The mission config. contains these lines:

  • type = “subtree”
  • file = “scripts/ai/guardian/modules/op09_grunts_card13/bt_strategy_smoke.kv3” name = “StrategySmoke

When we checked the bt/_strategy_smoke KVS, it was telling the bots to rush to certain areas, aim at specific angles, and then throw their utility. We went ahead and used the “setpos” command to teleport ourselves there. it turns out that on Dust 2 none of the coordinates make any sense.

In fact, every single time we teleported to a coordinate in the config Dust 2, we got stuck inside a wall. It was a little odd at first, especially because the card photo clearly shows a CT firing a heavy machine gun at something off-screen on long.

Bot Smoke on OG Dust

Whether the configs are finalized yet is anyone’s guess, but right now they don’t work on Dust 2. On a hunch, we tried them on the original de_dust, and they do work there. That could mean anything, but there have been hints that the classic map is on its way back.


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