We found the worst crosshairs possible in CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 25, 2021

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The best Counter-Strike crosshair is always a matter of debate, but the worst ones can ruin even the best players’ aim.

After countless years of searching, we might have found the worst crosshair possible in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Social media users have posted thousands of strange crosshairs from all over the world but this one, which was shared on Reddit, stands out as particularly bad.

The crosshair belongs to an anonymous CSGO player. Instead of the standard cross, this player uses something straight out of a futuristic shooter. Fellow CSGO fans compared it to something out of Crysis or the recently-released Battlefield 2042. The outer lines appear to indicate moving accuracy, adding even more complexity to an already overloaded crosshair design.

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While truly awful, it’s far from the only wacky crosshair available in CSGO. Another common, yet terrible crosshair uses the full screen. The Source engine has very few restrictions on what crosshairs can look like. Enterprising players can come up with all sorts of weird combinations, including this full-screen crosshair from an anonymous player.

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If you find such a crosshair overwhelming, there’s always the opposite end of the spectrum. Some players prefer crosshairs that are barely visible at all. Tiny crosshairs can help you stay aware of your surroundings, but they can also easily get lost on your screen. Who would dare use a borderline invisible crosshair in competitive play? None other than Major champion and 200 IQ grenade master Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov.

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How to see teammates’ crosshairs in CSGO

CSGO will normally use your own crosshair when spectating other players, but you can see your teammates’ crosshairs with the right settings. Open up the options menu and go the game tab, then scroll down to the crosshair section. There’s an option called “Show Player Crosshairs” with a drop-down menu.

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The default No option will always use the player’s own custom crosshair. The Friends and Party choice will only show the crosshairs of people you already know. The final option, Everyone, will always show the custom crosshair of the player you are spectating. Maybe you’ll spot some of these god-awful crosshairs in matchmaking.


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