Warzone players call Nail Gun a “troll weapon,” demand nerfs

By Olivia Richman


Jun 22, 2021

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Call of Duty: Warzone got three new weapons for Season 4. Most of the attention immediately went to the MG 82 LMG, which Raven Software said it was already planning to nerf. 

Meanwhile, players started testing out the Nail Gun. At first it was seen as underwhelming. It doesn’t have any attachment options. It has a slow fire rate and a short range. But players soon realized that the Nail Gun is highly effective in close-range combat. In fact, players are now begging for a nerf. 

Is the Nail Gun OP in Warzone?

On social media, Warzone players have dubbed the Nail Gun a “troll weapon.” That’s because the Nail Gun is overpowering due to its combination of mobility and power. At short range, the Nail Gun can down an opponent in four shots no matter their armor. Players have noticed that the Nail Gun is overwhelming when it comes to aggressive teamfights and flanking. 

When combined, all of the Nail Gun’s characteristics have led players to argue that it’s not an appropriate weapon for a battle royale game. Others noted that Warzone currently has an SMG meta. This has made the Nail Gun impactful on the meta and it doesn’t seem to be too punishable or countered in certain situations. 

So what’s a potential solution? One Warzone player said that the Nail Gun should be given “terrible accuracy.” It should also do way less damage to a player’s body or extremities. Instead, the Nail Gun should reward straight-up headshots with explosive damage. This would reward accuracy and fast mechanics but make the Nail Gun less oppressive in certain gameplay scenarios. 

Warzone developers haven’t responded to Nail Gun nerf requests just yet. For now, Raven Software is focused on nerfing the MG 82 LMG. Meanwhile, players will have to be a bit cautious with close-quarter combat. 


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