Walmart urges employees to take down video game displays, ads

Olivia Richman • August 9, 20:30

Video games are under fire after President Donald Trump stated that they are partially to blame for the two mass shootings that occured last weekend. 

While the gaming community has fought back against these unverified claims, it appears that not everyone is so sure that video games are innocent. Retail giant Walmart is taking down any gaming displays depicting violence and disabling any video game demos or videos that include violence.

This was first revealed on Reddit and Twitter, where users shared a memo their store received soon after the tragic shootings. The letter calls for employees to “use their best judgement” on what displays are appropriate, urging them to unplug Xbox and Playstation units that show demos of “violent games.” 

The memo also states that stores should cancel any upcoming promotions or events for first-person shooters that include “combat style” gamplay. 

The electronics section was also asked to “verify that there are no movies with violence are playing.” 

The hunting section was also included in the letter. They were asked to turn off hunting season videos. Hunting equipment, including rifles, are still available for sale and weren’t affected by the letter’s requests. 

The El Paso shooting over the weekend took place at Walmart, as did a shooting in Mississippi on July 30. Over 20 people died in El Paso after the shooter purposely targeted the community because of his hatred for immigrants and Latinos. Two Walmart employees were murdered in the earlier Mississippi shooting. 

While there’s nothing proving that video games cause violence or had anything to do with the recent mass shootings, Walmart most likely feels pressure to make some type of change after the attacks. Still, gamers are still quite upset by the statements made by President Trump and Fox News. While it’s easier to take down video game posters than change gun control laws, it’s unclear how this will serve any meaningful purpose going forward. 


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