Viper and Pheonix on Fracture

Viper’s smoke can destroy Skye’s tiger and it’s hilarious

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant player has made a unique discovery. Not only does Viper’s smoke hack block off vision, but it also destroys Skye’s creatures including her Tasmanian tiger. 

This new trick proves that you can never know everything about Valorant. After almost two years, 18 agents, and seven maps, new interactions are still being discovered. For example, this new little Viper smoke hack may not be as helpful, but it sure is hilarious. The poison handler can destroy animals and birds with her smoke device. 

Valorant player Chasonmeng found himself in an odd position during a Valorant game on Split. The agent was about to get concussed by Skye’s Tasmanian tiger in Split’s tight middle area when Viper’s utility saved him. The enemy Skye had released the intel-gathering beast and was in a spot to disable him. Fortunately, he was about to smoke off the central area when the tiger leaped at him. The device hit the beast, finishing him off and saving Chasonmeng. 

Many players didn’t already know that Viper could kill Skye’s animal companions. Unlike other Controllers, Viper’s smoke deals damage. The gadget can also break glass and other fragile objects. But, it’s worth noting that Viper’s smoke can only kill the beast when it’s jumping. It may be tricky to pull off in practice, but it’s worth a shot for the purpose of switching positions after dodging the tiger. 

This trick isn’t game-breaking, but it can certainly help in this matchup. Part of the value of the Trailblazer ability is its potential to bait out gunfire, giving Skye’s team information. This isn’t the case if it dies from Viper’s smoke, setting up unique plays around the smoke. It also gives Viper the chance for a counter-play if Skye is nearby. 

Is Viper good on Split? 

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Viper is one of the better agents to pick on Split due to her reusable smoke. The small size allows for quick rotations for defenders. Viper mains can have a massive map impact by blocking multiple areas at once while still contributing firepower. Her ultimate is also viable as she can control an entire site with it. Enemies can’t plant the Spike if Viper has activated her pit on any one of the sites.