Venture hero lore

Venture lore revealed in Overwatch 2

By Olivia Richman


Apr 16, 2024

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Blizzard has just revealed the backstory behind Venture, and fans are digging it.

Venture is the newest hero, just released today, along with the rest of Season 10. We learned a while back that they were an aggressive and mobile DPS focused on digging underneath the map. But who really is Venture, and how did they get involved with Overwatch?

Venture lore in Overwatch 2

Venture’s Adventure Hero Trailer was released today on Overwatch 2’s official YouTube channel. The short video explained a little bit more about who Venture really is.

Venture started as an archaeologist who was focused on researching an artifact last seen in Cairo. Their studies led them to Shambali, where they worked with locals to find out more information about where the artifact was.

Come to find out, Talon had gotten a hold of the artifact and escaped. Talon is a terrorist faction in the Overwatch 2 world, meaning you don’t really want something powerful to be in their hands.

The artifact was revealed in the trailer to be a small statue of Anubis. In Overwatch 2 lore, Anubis is a God program that hijacked Omnica Corp’s omnic production lines to create warbots in an attempt to destroy humanity. This was the beginning of the Omnic Crisis.

To defeat the omnics, the world formed Overwatch. The first sentient omnic, Aurora, joined forces with her creator Dr. Mina Liao to create a powerful signal that impacted every omnic in the world. As their lights changed from red to blue, the event was dubbed the Awakening. At this point, Anubis was quarantined in Cairo by Overwatch.

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What is Venture gender in Overwatch 2?

Venture is the first nonbinary hero in Overwatch 2. They go by they and them pronouns and don’t have a chosen gender identity.

But Venture also stands out for having a very quirky and dorky personality. A lot of Overwatch 2 players noted that it’s about time that dorks and nerds are represented on the Overwatch 2 roster.

“I really like how dorky Venture is. Sure they’re a little cheesy but hey it’s nice to see someone not taking themselves seriously after seeing most of the Overwatch cast,” one fan wrote.


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