Venture Overwatch 2

Venture is coming to Overwatch 2 this weekend

By Olivia Richman


Mar 29, 2024

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Overwatch 2 fans are getting hyped for Season 10, especially for the arrival of Venture. But you won’t have to wait until Season 10 to play the new DPS hero. Here’s how to play Venture this weekend.

Venture is the next hero to join the ever-growing roster, a non-binary brawler focused on using drilling to shield themselves and increase mobility. The concept has excited Overwatch 2 fans since it’s never been seen before in the hero shooter. You’ll be able to try out their abilities for yourself soon.

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Venture gameplay revealed

In a recent gameplay trailer, fans were given their first glimpse at Venture in action.

You first see Venture using a massive drill to cut through the surface of the earth. Then it flashes to gameplay, where Venture uses the drill to burrow underground and move swiftly around the map towards unsuspecting enemies. It looks like Venture is all about avoiding incoming attacks, chasing down opponents, and dealing massive damage before they can respond.


  • Burrow
    • Move underground and become invulnerable
    • Emerge to damage enemies
  • Drill Dash
    • Dash forward, pushing enemies back


  • Explorer’s Resolve
    • Using abilities grants a temporary shield
  • Clobber
    • Quick melee deals more damage


  • Tectonic Shock
    • Send out damaging shockwaves
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How to play Venture this weekend

The venture will be added to Overwatch 2 this weekend, from March 30 to March 31. All you have to do is update the game, open it, and start playing with Venture.

When Season 10 comes on April 16, Venture will be free to add to your roster. Developers have announced that starting Season 10, all heroes will be unlocked. This includes new heroes like Venture as well as every other hero that was once locked in the paid Battle Pass.

Venture will be here this weekend, so get digging.


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