Vancouver Titans SeoMinSoo talks Stage 3 playoffs and 2-2-2 lock

Olivia Richman • June 30, 22:34

The Vancouver Titans defeated the Los Angeles Gladiators 4-0, securing a spot in the Stage 3 playoffs. 

The Canadian Overwatch League team finished up Stage 3 with an impressive 5-1 record. Their only loss this stage was to the Los Angeles Valiant last week. But since that match, the Titans have pushed themselves even harder. spoke with Titans DPS expert Min-soo “SeoMinSoo” Seo about the team’s easy victory over the Gladiators and what the possible 2-2-2 lock will mean for them in Stage 4.  

You ended Stage 3 with a 6-1 record. How do you feel about being in the playoffs? 

SeoMinSoo: I’m very excited.

Who do you think the Titans’ biggest competition is going into the playoffs?

I don’t feel we have a hard opponent to face. But if I had to pick one, it’d be New York Excelsior.

Why is that? 

They also use Sombra GOATS really well. Since they’re the one that sort of originated it early on, they have perfected it more than us. 

I saw the Titans checking out the London Spitfire vs. San Francisco Shock match. What do you think of what you’ve seen from those teams? 

Other than Guard playing Sombra, the match itself didn’t have much going on. San Francisco Shock are just playing GOATS the way they always play.

So you don’t think they’ll be a threat in the playoffs then? 

I’m not too afraid. 

How did you feel going into the match against the Gladiators today? 

I was playing on the second map onward. When I went in, I felt it was going to be pretty easy. 

And was it? 

Yeah, it was pretty easy. 

What made you decide to play Reaper on Horizon Lunar Colony (on defense)? 

Our coach [Ji-Sub “paJion” Hwang] came up with the strategy where we’d play four DPS to counter their bunker composition. 

That match was getting close at the end. Were you getting concerned that Gladiators may get a map? 

We perfectly defended point B, so we never thought we would lose. 

You are usually playing Zarya. How did it feel to play Reaper today? 

Since DPS heroes are very fun to play, I enjoyed it a lot. Reaper especially. 

How do you feel about the possibility of 2-2-2 next stage, being a DPS main? 

I believe that it may be a bad pathway. But as a player, we have to be able to adapt to it. 

What about it concerns you? 

Even though a lot of people play GOATS, there’s a lot of variations and counters. With the 2-2-2 lock, if it happens, it will make it the same thing again. It’ll be the same comps over and over. 

Right. Maybe not GOATS anymore, but still repetitive. Do you feel that will make Titans even stronger? Or will it be difficult not being able to play GOATS? 

I believe it’ll make us stronger. The DPS will matter a lot and we have really good DPS players. 

The Titans didn’t reach their goal of never dropping a map. So what is your new goal? 

Our new goal, the ultimate goal, is to win the finals. 

What do you think had gone wrong against the Valiant? 

WIthin the team, there were small and big problems happening.

Did the team make any changes after the loss?

One thing we did was change the starting roster. Ever since the loss, our team has gotten better synergy, too. 

What will you guys be doing to reach your new goal? 

The coach is going to come up with some new strategies. To execute them perfectly, we’re going to keep practicing our mechanics and watch more VODS.


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