Valve trolls s1mple over Stockholm Major autograph release date

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Waiting for Stockholm Major autographs? You and s1mple may have to wait even longer.

Natus Vincere AWPer Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has posted direct messages between himself and Valve about the Stockholm Major autograph stickers. In the message, s1mple politely asked the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive account when the stickers would be released. Instead of answering, the account runner fired back with a little trolling.

The release date for Stockholm Major autograph stickers has not been revealed, but they will become available after the Stockholm Major is over. The grand finals for the event, which will likely feature s1mple, are scheduled for November 7. The means the Stockholm Major signatures will probably release on November 8. The Stockholm Major sticker capsules will be split between the champion team and the rest of the finalists.

A portion of the money from CSGO signature capsules goes directly to the teams. This makes them an extremely important source of income, possibly even greater than the actual tournament winnings. Once available, autographs will be available through a special sticker capsule sold through the Stockholm Major in-game pass.

b1t’s Stockholm Major signature rejected

Another Natus Vincere player has also had trouble with Stockholm Major autograph stickers. According to Natus Vincere’s social media, Valerii “b1t” Vakhovskyi’s signature submission was rejected by Valve. If b1t’s phenomenal performance from the Legends stage continues, his sticker could become highly coveted. Na’Vi has most likely submitted a replacement design. 

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There are multiple reasons why Valve decided to reject b1t’s signature. The B in the sticker looks almost identical to the Bitcoin logo, which could be taken as some sort of bitcoin esports involvement. It’s also obviously a digital work of art as opposed to a real signature. Valve requires player signatures to be based on their real handwriting. This and other delays could be a part of why the Stockholm Major autograph stickers are taking so long.


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