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Valve teases fans with potential Counter-Strike 2 logo

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 21, 2023

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Wake up, gamers! A new Counter-Strike 2 banner has dropped. 

If you thought Valve was done teasing, you were wrong. The developer of this decade’s best FPS recently posted a new Twitter banner with five shooters. Many inferred that the shooters are a nod to the four Counter-Strike installments released so far, with the fifth shooter hinting at the upcoming Source 2 port. Others speculated that the developer would change headers for the next five days until the official release. 

Valve did change the header, but it’s not what fans had expected. It seems Valve has unveiled the new Counter-Strike 2 logo, and fans have a mixed reaction. 

According to leakers, Counter-Strike 2 should release on March 22. A day before the speculated release date, Valve has dropped a new teaser. This time, however, it’s a proper logo. 

Valve's Counter-Strike 2 banner

Valve has only responded to leaks with memes, GIFs, and vague banners in the past few days. But, the developer has finally dropped something more substantial. The new Twitter cover photo seems like a Counter-Strike 2 logo. The italic CS has only one shooter in the middle on a blue backdrop. This simple image looks like a logo of the Source 2 port, fans suspect. 

This logo tease comes after the recent leak that showed Valve has filed for two trademarks for CS2. So, there’s a solid reason to believe that the developer is actively working on the branding of the next installment in the franchise, and the new banner is part of it. 

CSGO players aren’t huge fans of the new potential logo. Players still find it hard to move on from CS’ signature yellow. Not just that, but the blue logo is pretty basic for most fans. However, some players are going gaga over the plain banner. 

While it’s undoubtedly a big teaser, the banner art appears too simple to be the official logo, making many think Valve is still trolling. But, optimistic players are still hoping that a logo tease is the first step toward an official Counter-Strike 2 announcement. If Counter-Strike 2 is actually happening, it should be announced either on March 22 or 28. 


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