Valve reveals winning skins for the Dreams and Nightmares contest

Steven Rondina • November 22, 20:36

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Dreams and Nightmares skin contest is over and players will likely be scrambling to add some of the winners to their armory.

At long last, Valve has revealed the 17 winning skins for the $1 million Dreams and Nightmares contest. The reveal was made on the official CSGO blog with each skin having either a spooky or fantastical motif. Valve also confirmed that the prize pool for the event has been expanded from $1 million to $1.7 million. Each winner will receive $100,000 regardless of the skin’s rarity.

That said, the two big winners were Nextgenz and The Danidem, who submitted an AK-47 and MP9 respectively that will be released as Covert-quality skins. The new AK-47, in particular, could be a pretty pricy skin, given the popularity of the weapon as well as its similarities to the ever-popular Hyper Beast skin line. The MP9 is one of the most striking skins in CSGO, with a white background and gold trim surrounding a neon unicorn decal.

Past that will be Classified dualies, an MP7, and a FAMAS. There is also an eye-catching Restricted-quality M4A1-S created by Madara and Blazer. Most weapons have a new skin coming through Dreams and Nightmares, with the notable exceptions of the M4A4, AWP, and Glock 18.

When will the CSGO Dreams and Nightmares case come out?

Valve has not yet announced when the CSGO Dreams and Nightmares case will be released.

The 17 winners will be included as skins in the upcoming Dreams and Nightmares case. It’s uncertain when the case will arrive, but Valve noted it’s still in the process of contacting the winners.

Operation Riptide is still currently underway with at least seven more weeks to go. Odds are that Valve will release the case independently in a smaller update rather than shipping it in its own mini-event similar to what has been seen in Dota 2’s recent skin contests.


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