Valve admits it was letting cheaters into trusted CSGO games

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 30, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans, rejoice! A recent fix from Valve may change your competitive experience.

Cheaters have always been a nuisance in CSGO. However, a recent surge in hackers was reported by several CSGO casters, which players confirmed. Most games were littered with spin bot users, wall-hacks, trigger shots, and other advanced hacks that squeezed the fun out of casual games. The developer has heard the woes and revealed the reason behind the “bad games.”

The developer admitted to the spike in cheaters and explained the issues seem to have been due to the Trust Factor not working correctly. In its April 30th statement, CSGO revealed that the problem had been fixed, and players may see fewer hackers in the game. 

The problem was first brought to light by CSGO caster Harry “JustHarry” Russell who matched up against spin botters. His post gained traction among the CSGO players who were already exhausted from poor matchmaking experience. Mohan “launders” Govindasamy also wrote an email to the developer to look into the weaker areas of CSGO MM. 

CSGO’s new fix may reduce hackers in the game

While the developer claims to have fixed the issue, it’s unlikely that it’d make much difference. Players have reported that Trust Factor has been poorly working for quite some time now. Conversely, the developer called it a “recent” issue. Therefore, you may still get queued against suspicious players. 

A lot of players also bashed the developer for a vague statement that didn’t specify the issue. The post didn’t even make a mention of cheaters in-game, popular CSGO YouTuber Anomaly notified. 

Some community members reported that they’re still getting blatant cheaters in ranked games. Other community members prompted Valve to clarify the “trust” issue and provide a timeline of how long it has been misfunctioning. 

Trust Factor aside, the problem of hackers in CSGO isn’t a new one. The reports against cheaters reached a fever pitch after CSGO went free for all on steam in 2018. New players marred the competitive queues with third-party software that are available for cheap rates. These softwares can easily trick Valve’s flawed anti-cheat system and allow players to ravage in-game integrity by utilizing them according to their needs.


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