Valve launches free version for Counter-Strike

By Gabriel Ionica


Aug 30, 2018

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Valve’s latest Counter-Strike update includes a new free version of the game which allows players to experience it in a llimited manner.


The new “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition” gives players offline play against bots”as well as the ability to spectate matches through GOTV. Compared to the full version, it is very limited in terms of capabilities, being without the ability to play against other people. But it may still have its uses.


The free version serves as a demo of the game, allowing people to try running and playing the game before spending money on.


Still, players wanting to really get into the game will not be able to properly experience the full game while limited to playing against bots. There’s a significant difference between bots and real players whose skill differs from person to person.


As for the spectating aspect of the game, it may seem unnecessary to download a full game just to watch professional matches when players can always stream the games instead. The only upside to spectating through GOTV are the drops one can get during majors, like the upcoming FACEIT Major.


This could also be Valve’s first step towards making CS:GO free-to-play. It may make sense for Valve as the company already makes a lot of money from microtransactions. Making the game free would open it up to an entirely new audience, and potentially to more paying users.


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