Valve just teased a new in-game statistics feature in CSGO

Nick Johnson • May 29, 2020 6:27 pm

A brand new stats feature may soon be coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Some fans might have thought that the recent update for CSGO was a little underwhelming. While the update did a ton of work on CSGO’s backend code, there wasn’t much added to the game besides some main menu customization options and an admittedly awesome Warhammer 40K sticker capsule.

But a closer look at the screenshots released with the update reveals that Valve might finally be bringing a statistics page to Counter-Strike. The screenshots showing off the new main menu background options show two screens with additional options not currently found in the game’s client. There are three new symbols, one of which is CSGO’s statistics icon that can be found on the score menu when players are in a game.

Here is the original screenshot distributed by Valve, and a close-up of the three new symbols. And yes, one of them is a chicken.

While this could be Valve having a bit of fun with fans of CSGO, teasing an in-game statistics screen might be going a little too far. The third symbol is the universal symbol for “Report a Bug,” and looks very similar to the one found inside the current League of Legends client. With this, it looks like Valve has a lot more in store for CSGO than a few cosmetic updates.

How to check your CSGO stats right now

Players can actually already check some of their Counter-Strike stats, including Pick ‘Em results, competitive match results, and more. All they have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Log into Steam online through

2. Navigate to their profile and click “Games”

3. Under Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, click “Personal Game Data”

4. There is a whole bunch of data to choose from, as seen below

The above tease, complete with a bug reporter function, means that all these statistics might soon be in-game. The only question now is when.


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