Valve just added a new chat filter to battle toxicity in CSGO

By Nick Johnson


Jun 12, 2020

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A new update from the game’s developers has added a profanity filter to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

A recent update to CSGO added a new text filter to the game’s chat. Users can now turn the filter on and off in the game’s settings. The text filter comes several months after Valve announced that it would ban players from voice chat if they received repeated reports of toxicity from fellow gamers.

In a blog post entitled “Squelching the Noise,” the developer talked about the steps it would take to limit general bad behavior in its famed first-person shooter, and the text filter is now the second option available to players to limit the amount of negativity they’re exposed to while playing CSGO. Users can already mute players on their own team individually in addition to being able to mute the entire enemy team with just one click.

In CSGO’s most recent update, the developer has added a chat filter that will block profanity from CSGO’s in-game chat. The new option is enabled by default and can be found in the “Communication” section of CSGO’s settings.

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Users can also choose to block the names of players on both teams, as well as black out all public profile pictures.

Valve profanity filter misses a word, has to catch up to FACEIT’s MINERVA

Valve isn’t the only CSGO provider to take aim at toxic behavior. Third-party server provider FACEIT introduced their A.I. Minerva earlier this year, designed to recognize and punish toxicity. FACEIT claims that during its first months in use, MINERVA saw a “20% reduction in toxic messages in-game and 10% reduction of toxic messages on all messages.”

After a recent study showed that Valve’s other famous game, Dota 2, had the most toxic community out of a selection of multiplayer games, the developer seems to be taking action.

Alas, the CSGO developer seem to have missed a word in its new filter.

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With Valve’s dedication to cleaning up CSGO, it shouldn’t be long before that word is on the banned list, too.


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