CS2 release date

Counter-Strike 2 is finally out after endless hints

By Olivia Richman


Sep 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike 2 is officially out.

Valve has officially revealed that CS2 is out in a Twitter post. It was met with applause from the competitive community, especially after months and months of hinting and speculation.

Valve has just dropped a brand new trailer for CS2, including the iconic CS 1.6 main menu and gameplay on an old, dated setup. The video is pretty emotional for old-timers who have long been waiting for CS2 to drop.

Valve continues dropping hints leading up to CS2 release

Ever since CS2 was announced, FPS players have been waiting for an official release date. There have been hints, leaks, and clues that have continued to tantalize players with release dates that are closer and closer. Now, Valve has dropped yet another hint that has players believing it’s coming very soon.

On September 26, the Counter-Strike account’s banner was changed. It became a black background with white text that now reads: “Dawn of the Final Day.” So, is CSGO’s time coming to an end to pave the way for CS2?

This followed a previous tweet from last week that asked gamers what they were doing “next Wednesday,” which would now be September 28. This lines up perfectly with the banner hint. But does it mean that CS2 is coming out this week?

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming out today?

Counter-Strike 2 is finally out!

Up until a few minutes ago, Valve refused to give a straight answer as to when CS2 is coming out. This built up hype for the new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since the secrecy has been working so well at hooking gamers up to this point.

Meanwhile, however, a lot of pros and streamers have expressed disappointment with CS2 in its early stages. Many feel it’s “not ready” for competitive play just yet. Keep in mind, though, that they’ve been largely playing on a limited version.

Despite some harsh criticism from top players, the CS community is beyond excited for the release of Counter-Strike 2.