Valve brings new Panorama UI to Counter-Strike

Gabriel Ionica • August 22, 01:42

If you’ve played Counter-Strike for any sizeable amount of time, you’ve probably come across posts like these asking Valve to change their venerated game.

It seems like our prayers, or at least some of them, have finally been answered. Valve has released the fabled Panorama UI along with a new weapon, the MP5-SD.

What does this all mean? While we still don’t have many details on Valve’s development process, we at least know they’ve been working on improvements they’ve promised and more besides. Even the Twitter account has been posting frequent tweets featuring the game’s updates.

These updates do show that Valve is adding things to the game beyond skin cases, though their technical improvements are in some ways still lacking. Valve may need to be better in touch with the community and with pro players in general.

A recent video from DBLTAP showed a number of professional players expressing their opinions on what Valve should fix in the game. Among the suggestions, the most commons ones seemed to be regarding pistol imbalance and the CZ-75 Auto.

Valve has definitely shown greater willingness to work with it’s Counter-Strike community, but the developer still has a ways to go. More community transparency might work wonders for the game, as well as for Valve’s overall reputation.


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