Valve bows to CS:GO pros and tweaks Vertigo, changes Danger Zone

By Steven Rondina


May 22, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Valve has heard the complaints of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s pro players and has changed things accordingly.

Following resoundingly negative reactions to the latest iteration of Vertigo, the CS:GO development team has rolled out a patch that provides some major changes to the new map. The tweaks are entirely made around the A bombsite, which has become a source of frustration among the pro community.

The overhaul introduces a number of new attack options for the CT side for retakes of the site. The props around the planting area have been pushed back, giving extra cover for fending off pushes from the ramp. The wooden wall over the ramp has also been shortened, allowing CTs to boost into a position where they can fire on enemies headed towards the site.

The biggest change comes to the position of the massive crane in the middle of the area. Instead of being pressed against a wall, a platform has been added around the crane, allowing players to run around it freely and offering a new angle to attack players coming up the ramp.

Valve is hoping this fixes the existing issues on Vertigo, which have seen A rushes by the T side succeed at a disproportionate rate even when met with sizable stacks from the CT side. Whether this does enough to get pro players to accept the map in favor of the recently cut Cache is another matter entirely.

In addition to overhauling Vertigo, more changes have been made to battle royale mode Danger Zone. Danger Zone’s original Blacksite map has returned. Blacksite and Sirocco will both be made available for play based on a timed rotation.

Additionally, the recently added pilotable drones were nerfed. Movement speed while carrying paradrop crates has been reduced and radar jammers now offer a defensive option to combat enemy drones.

There are a handful of other small changes and bug fixes that come alongside these changes, so make sure to check out the full patch notes on the official CS:GO blog.


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