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Valorant’s entire new 2021 Battle Pass just got leaked

by | Jan 3, 2021

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Reading Time: 3 min.

Along with the leak of Valorant’s 14th agent Yuro came another, even larger leak that showed off the entire battle pass for the game’s Episode 2, Act 1.

While all eyes were on the leak of Valorant’s upcoming agent, there was more information set loose on the internet concerning Valorant’s next battle pass. In addition to the showing of new agent Yuro’s abilities, the leak also included a video containing images of every reward players can earn from the shooter’s next battle pass. 

Valorant leak reveals 2021 battle pass

The player in the video scrolled through the battle pass in its entirity, revealing every player card, gunbuddy, Radianite award, and weapon skin line that should be available starting with the release of the game’s second episode. The user even went a step further, showing viewers several new weapon skin lines that aren’t available in the battle pass, meaning that they likely make up Valorant’s monthly skin bundles.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Player cards

Included in these are all of the Valorant items revealed in what might be the largest information dump since the game was first released last summer.

Valorant’s players can equip these cards to show off their accomplishments to others in their lobbies. They’re viewable both when loading into a match as well as on the post-match screen.

New battle pass gun buddies

Valorant’s players can equip weapon charms, called gunbuddies, in Riot’s first-person shooter. Here are the geatured gunbuddies for Valorant’s upcoming 2021 battle pass that were revealed in the leak.

Valorant’s early 2021 battle pass skin lines leaked

It wouldn’t be a shooter without new skin lines. Riot looks like it has several new weapon skins coming to Valorant, according to images WIN.gg pulled from the leak.

The leak initially started with the first look Valorant’s community has gotten of the game’s 14th agent, Yuro. The tactical shooter’s latest character is a stealthy assassin with the ability to distract his opponents with an audio decoy before eliminating them with the help of his ultimate, an ability that turns the agent invisible.

Yuro’s unlockable weapon, contracts and the Valorant Episode 2 gun buddy

The video also revealed all of Yuro’s contract rewards, including his signature sheriff awarded to players when players manage to complete his level 10 contract. The leak also revealed the awards from contracts one through nine. Players can find all the latest information on Yuro in WIN.gg’s leak breakdown.

Players can check out Valorant’s 2021 Act 1 battle pass rewards in the image below.

Valorant’s 2021 battle pass sprays

In addition to the other materials leaked, a number of new sprays can also be seen for Valorant. These are shown below.

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