New Valorant agent Yoru leaked alongside Episode 2 Battle Pass

By Nick Johnson


Jan 3, 2021

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Valorant fans got their first look at Valorant’s 14th agent, Yoru.

The stealthy agent is the evolution of Shatter, possessing abilities that differ only mildly from the possibly scrapped agent. In a Reddit post on December 2, a leak revealed all of the agent’s abilities and their descriptions. Additionally, photos of Valorant’s new Yoru menu screens and the contents of its Episode 2 battle pass were also leaked.

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What abilities does Valorant Agent 14 Yoru have?

Yoru’s abilities are a mix of offensively and defensively powerful utility.  His first ability should make fans worry, especially if Riot doesn’t provide Valorant with directional sound before his release. That’s because Yoru’s first ability, Bait, is a placeable audio decoy. 

Activating the decoy will cause it to make footstep sounds while “traveling” forward. It’s enough to make any site anchor go crazy trying to decide whether or not to leave a bombsite. Recently, took a look at how players can use sound as a weapon against their enemies, and Yoru does just that with Bait.

Yoru also comes equipped with a new type of flashbang. The flash bounces almost like Sage’s healing orb before exploding, and it also has the capability to stick to walls. This means that it’s possible for Yoru to bounce his flashes around corners or stick them to ceilings to catch enemies off guard. 

Translated as “Uninvited Guest,” Yoru’s third ability is similar to Phoenix’s “Run it Back,” but it has the potential to be even better. The agent sends out an orb in a straight line that can be stopped at will by Yoru. Activating the ability again will transport Yoru to the location of the orb. The video shows the orb can travel through teleporters as well, meaning that between Yoru’s Bait ability and Uninvited Guest, he’ll be a nightmare for players to deal with.

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Finally, Yoru’s ultimate turns the literal baiter into a master assassin. Spatial Drift causes Yoru to turn invisible after a short activation time. Enemies cannot see or hear him while under the effect of Spatial Drift with the exception of small, purple footprints. Footage of the footprints leaked earlier last December.

Yoru’s kit might make him one of Valorant’s best agents. His kit is simple to pick up, but it also has a high skill ceiling as players get the hang of him. A decoy walking towards A while Yoru sends his Uninvited Guest through a portal is going to drive defenders mad. And once they think they have Yoru cornered, a quick Spatial Drift means someone is getting knifed.

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What is coming in Valorant Episode 2?

Footage from another leak showed off Yuru’s contract page in addition to the entire Valorant Episode 2, Act 1 Battle Pass. The battle pass looks similar to the three Riot released for Valorant in 2020 and includes sprays, gun buddies, player cards, and weapon skins. It looks like another exciting year is in store for Valorant fans. 

Yuro is expected to make his official debut at the online music festival, WWFest. A silhouette of Yoru can be seen on promotional material for the festival set to start January 15 on the Crown Twitch Channel.


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