Valorant’s Act II update adds a new battle pass, Killjoy, skins

Olivia Richman • August 3, 23:44

Valorant’s Act II starts tomorrow and Riot Games has revealed what players can expect.

The new battle pass contains a lot of new cosmetics to unlock, including weapon skins, sprays, and artwork for player cards. It also introduces Radianite Points, an in-game currency that can be used to access even more exclusive and detailed weapon skins and visual effects. 

One of the weapons to receive a battle pass-exclusive skin is the Vandal. There is also a matching knife, which features the same glowing, pink orbs and intricate edges. 

Valorant Vandal skin

The Guardian is receiving its own unique skin line as well. The geometric art features a rich orange color against a clean gray body. The Bucky and Classic pistol will also have new skins in the Act II battle pass, also an appealing orange. 

Guardian Valorant skin

Just like the previous battle pass, the Act II battle pass will cost 1,000 Valorant Points, which is equitable to $9.99. 

Valorant Act II updates, Deathmatch postponed

Valorant Act II will arrive August 4 and will include the battle pass that will see players grinding for exclusive skins. 

Act II will also brings Killjoy, a defensive turret agent, and a new line of skins called Glitchpop. The steampunk-themed skins feature neon details and holographic effects. The line will be available for the Frenzy pistol, Odin machine gun, Bulldog rifle, and the Judge shotgun. The knife will also be receiving a Glitchpop skin. 

Act II also has the heavily anticipated Deathmatch mode. Riot stated that it won’t be launched this week and players are wondering if it’s popstoned or completely canceled. But if Deathmatch comes to Valoranat, it’s described as a ten-player “free-for-all” mode that’s all about letting “gunslingers test their flicks.” It will not have any agent abilities. Players will have access to infinite money so that they can switch between weapons at any time. The first player to reach 30 kills, or to accrue the most kills in six minutes, will be declared the winner. 


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