Valorant tracker

Valorant trackers can help you up your game, here’s how

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players can weigh opponents’ stats and increase their odds of winning the game with help from Valorant trackers. 

Valorant is an ever-growing game. The meta takes a new form in each patch, making the game more cutthroat and challenging. Staying up to date with the meta can be tricky, but it’s possible to keep track of changing trends. Valorant trackers are a great way to dissect stats and tune your game accordingly. Here’s how Valorant trackers help in winning games and boosting ELO. 

Do Valorant trackers help? 

Valorant tracker

Yes. is completely free and can help evaluate your teammates and opponents. Players can switch up their playstyle to gel better with regular teammates using this information. is one of the best, most reliable, and most trusted trackers out there. Since it’s on Overwolf, so it works smoothly in the background while you climb ranks in Valorant. Overwolf is Vanguard-proof, a website with Riot Games’ stamp of approval. does many things to help ladder up, but here are game-changing key features. 

Get transparent Valorant stats

Half of the match outcome becomes obvious during the agent pick screen. Instead of bashing your teammates for picking their preferred agents, you can take a quick look at their stats and understand why they choose unorthodox characters. You may also consider dropping your agent if someone else hovering over the same character has better stats on that character. shows everything from the best agent to the most-used weapon. It also shows the same stats for your opponents, which can greatly help. These numbers can assist in understanding your random teammates better and increase your odds of winning. 

Analyze your own performance

You may already be well aware of your gaming habits and playstyles, but reading them in solid numbers may make it easier to pinpoint weak areas. collects data like your best map, best weapon, K/D ratio, damage, and more.

Keeping an eye on changing trends in your personal game style and agent selection is a sign of progress. If your stats on a particular agent on Bind are poor, you could try switching it up. 

Get Valorant lineups in real-time

It’s ideal to check out basic lineups before the game starts, but also allows you to copy them in real-time lets players implement a unique real-time strategy curated by the app. It is incredibly handy for players who struggle to remember their setups. You may also upload your own unique setups to help other players try out new ways to play the map.