Here’s what rare Valorant victory tags mean

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

At the end of each Valorant game, a tag summarizes every sound. These commendations can be a bit confusing but fret not. We have a proper explanation of what each one means. 

If you’re new to Valorant, or the first-person shooter genre in general, you may find it tough to comprehend the game glossary. The extensive lingo consists of slang words, community-made terms, and classic FPS jargon. But Valorant has introduced a unique victory announcement or a commendation feature, which can be confusing even for older FPS players. 

An announcement at the end of each round is called “victory tag.” This post-round tag describes events that determined the outcome of the game. There are many victory tags, but these three announcements are rare in Valorant:

  • Team Ace
  • Flawless
  • Thrifty

Out of all three, Thrifty is the highest victory tag in Valorant. Flawless comes second, where the winning team finishes the round without giving kills. In simpler words, all five members must make it to the round’s end. Team Ace is acquired when all players on the winning team bagged one kill each. In this scenario, staying alive isn’t the priority, unlike the Flawless tag. Players may die after getting their one kill and still receive the Team Ace title upon winning. 

What does Thrifty mean in Valorant? 

Thrifty is the best win-title players can get in Valorant. It’s attained when the winning team outplays the enemy by investing in a cheaper arsenal. The team must possess armory of an average of 2500 less creds than the enemy. 

Winning a game against a fully loaded enemy team with cheaper weapons like Spectre, Marshall, and even pistols isn’t a cakewalk. The enemies certainly have an advantage, and winning against them adds weight to the Thrifty title. Outplaying opponents on a less valuable loadout will get a Thrifty win, which is the highest commendation in Valorant. 

How to get Thrifty win in Valorant? 

One of the most effective ways to outplay opponents on save rounds is to shop smart.

No matter what pistol you’re buying, make sure to invest in armour, as this will boost your chances of winning a save round. For example, if you end up getting a kill with a ghost worth 500 Creds, you can pair the enemy’s Phantom with armour and bag bonus kills.

Another trick is to equip a “Hero rifle” on your best aimer to increase the odds of winning Thrifty.