Valorant players feel that cheating has become “terrible”

By Olivia Richman


Jul 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Cheating in Valorant is getting worse than ever.

Valorant players are coming together to complain about how bad the cheating in Riot’s free-to-play shooter has become. Cheating has always been prevalent in Valorant and other popular games, but a lot of players feel it’s getting worse despite the use of Vanguard anti-cheat.

Recently, Valorant players discussed the worsening problem on Reddit.

Is cheating getting worse in Valorant?

A Valorant player recently took to Reddit to see if other players were feeling the same as them. He wrote that he initially wrote about cheaters a few months ago but noticed that “it’s becoming a joke” at this point.

He wrote: “OCE servers are just full of trigger botters that last multiple acts without getting banned it’s actually terrible. People are rage-cheating in Radiant ELO for several games with public providers and needing to get manual’d by a Riot dev to stop them.”

The gamer then compared the competitive Valorant experience to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive back in 2018.

Unfortunately, it seems the original poster is not alone. Other gamers replied that cheating has been “getting out of hand” and that players are now blatantly cheating without any punishment.

Others added that it seems like Riot “doesn’t care” since reports have started piling over the last year or so. At this point, Valorant fans are waiting for a mass ban, but developers haven’t made any comment about this. Mass bans have happened in the past, and Riot has even taken legal action against hacking websites, but there’s been no word recently.

Some Valorant players have stated that they’ve actually not come across any cheaters in the past few months, but other gamers noted that hacks and cheats can be very well-hidden, and they could just not be aware they are in the midst of a seasoned cheater.