Valorant player performs Dude Perfect tricks on Ascent trash cans

Fariha Bhatti • May 22, 2021 12:08 am

Valorant’s very own Dude Perfect has broken the internet with his impressive trash can trick shots. 

Aim is of the utmost importance in any first-person shooter game. The same goes for Riot’s tactical shooter, where climbing ranks without crisp aim is a tall order. This Valorant player has incredible accuracy, but not with his rifles.


SamQ is just another Valorant player who occasionally shares his gameplay on YouTube, but his recent clip has gone viral for his unique skill. The player uploaded a short video of landing Killjoy’s nano swarm into dustbins placed at impossible angles at Ascent. 

The player titled his video “Dude perfect, but it’s Valorant” for all the right reasons. Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel where the members do a variety of stunts, with their biggest videos to date coming with “Real Life Trick Shots” where people drop shoes onto each others’ feet and toss silverware into the dishwasher from across the room. SamQ paid homage to these videos Valorant, but by sinking grenades into garbage cans. 

In his short clip, SamQ threw his Nano Swarm all the way from the B site to the Defender’s base, A-short to middle, mid to attackers spawn, and attacker’s base to outside of the map. All of these Nano Swarms landed perfectly. His incredible accuracy is mindblowing for players who struggle with lining up Killjoy’s Nano Swarm for competitive purposes. 

There are many exciting things that players have created out of Killjoy’s cute little nano swarms, but this one certainly takes the cake. Previously, a Valorant player activated 2,000 Killjoy Nano Swarms to create a dreamy pool of pink colour that was oddly satisfying to watch. 

SamQ’s new fun little trick has provided Valorant players with a whole new game mode. He also encouraged players to record their trick landings by switching to Valorant’s new spectator mode. So don’t be confused if you start seeing the trash can Killjoy clips on the internet in the coming days. 

Is Killjoy a good agent on Breeze?

Despite being a highly picked Sentinel on other maps, Killjoy may come up short on new location Breeze. Her flank-watching capability is valuable, but she underwhelms on a large map like Breeze. 

Instead of picking Killjoy, try playing with Viper, Yoru, or Skye on Breeze to bag more rounds. These agents have diverse kits that help them cover more area and ultimately have a greater impact. 


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