This is what happens when you blow 2,000 Killjoy nanoswarms

Nick Johnson • January 30, 18:54

Competitive gaming can get a little stale sometimes as players repeatedly play on the same maps, pick the same characters, and use the same weapons round after round. But while most players take a break from competitive play with a different game, one player took a completely new approach to mixing things up.

Setting off 2,000 Killjoy grenades

The user settled on Killjoy, Valorant’s defensive specialist who comes equipped with remotely detonated nanoswarm grenades and a sentry turret. But instead of practicing a new turret spot or grenade lineup, the player had something else in mind. 

If you have ever wondered what a couple thousand of Killyjoy’s nanoswarm grenades look like when they all go off at once, today is your lucky day.

What detonating 2000 Nanoswarm grenades looks like from r/VALORANT

Since Killjoy’s nanoswarm grenades are detonated remotely, the player was able to keep tossing them down before recording the resulting explosion. According to the user, Valorant crashed “several times” as they tried to record the in-game results. 

While the explosion is a fun swirl of colors and lights, the sound of all 2,000 grenades going off at once is almost terrifying, especially with how upbeat just a single explosion already is.  But fans won’t have to deal with a grenade stack like this in one of Valorant’s competitive matches any time soon. Riot has limited Killjoy to carrying only two nanoswarm grenades at once. 

Is Killjoy a good agent in Valorant?

We wouldn’t blame players for thinking about picking up Killyjoy after seeing the video. But is she good in Valorant’s competitive meta? Yes and no. Her kit excels at keeping enemies tied up as they move into Valorant’s bombsites. But once enemies have the bomb down, Killjoy has little to offer her team as they try to retake the site.

Killjoy can also be tough to play on offense thanks to her more static playstyle. That said, if players can use their aim to take control and plant the bomb, Killyjoy’s turrets and nanoswarm grenades can make it almost impossible for defenders to retake in time for a defusal.


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