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Valorant play button not working — how to fix issue

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 26, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The Valorant play button is not working for some players, but fortunately it’s a simple issue that can be resolved by following a few steps. 

Riot Games recently revealed upcoming agent Clove in Valorant, who’ll join the ranks on March 26. However, some players can’t play the game due to a pesky bug in Valorant. 

The Valorant play button often glitches when players return to the game after a long time. Most of the time, it’s because the game is trying to install pending updates and bugging because players keep spamming the play icon. However, the issue could be for many other reasons as well. 

In any case, this problem has a simple fix. 

How to fix Valorant play button not working 

Valorant update screen

If your Valorant play button is not working, try the following methods: 

  • Click on the Play button once and wait for a few minutes
  • An update icon should appear if you’re playing Valorant after a long time 
  • Click on Update and restart the game once it has been updated

If you’re a regular player who’s still facing the same issue, go with the following fixes: 

  • Restart your internet router. This button going grey is likely a connectivity issue and should resolve itself when your connection has stabilized
  • Restart your computer. If you’ve been spamming the Play button, the game client has likely glitched out. Restart your device and click on Play again

Finally, if nothing else works, restart the device and then Valorant as administrator: 

  • Find Valorant install location or right-click on Valorant display icon
  • Click on Run as Administrator from the options
  • The game should now start as usual

It’s also worth checking the Valorant server status before applying any fixes. The error may be from the game’s end due to server-related issues. You may head to Valorant Down Detector to check the server status.