Valorant patch 3.02 combats clipping and fixes some big bugs

Fariha Bhatti • July 21, 02:28

Valorant patch 3.02 has landed, and it brings crucial agent fixes as well as some peeking nerfs. 

After delivering the massive 3.0 patch, developer Riot Games is still evaluating the impact of those changes. This latest Valorant update repairs broken kits and the bugged volume slider that has bugged players.

Patch 3.0 has transformed the Valorant meta with massive gunplay changes and a brand new agent that repels the game’s key feature of agent abilities. Riot Games is refraining from delivering extensive updates to fix the all of the bugs left after patch 3.0, though the current update also addresses the newer issues players discovered during their Valorant games. 

A Sage bug was earlier reported in which the agent could silver peak on Breeze’s A panels. Many players thought that it was intentional, but the developer has clarified that it was a bug that has now been fixed. Players will no longer be able to scout A long from pyramid after patch 3.0. The tiny gap between the ledge and barrier was too overpowered, especially with an Operator, so players may want to find a new spot to hold point A. 

The new addition to Valorant protocol Kay/O has also been displaying significant issues in his toolkit. Remnants of Kay/O’s textures were spotted across maps and weapons when he is stabilized during NULL/cmd(X). The current patch addresses the problem and also removes the ability to place Raze’s Boombot through some walls. 

Apart from agent changes, Riot Games promises that players will see a noticeable lack of hands, melees, abilities, and general effects poking through thin walls. Patch 3.02 will reduce clipping in overall gameplay as the developer has made changes in how clipping is calculated through the game’s engine. It had become a pretty consistent issue as players would see a random muzzle popping through a wall. While sometimes hilarious, the glitch could be game-breaking in ranked lobbies. 

Other updates in Valorant patch 3.02

  • Fixed a bug where the Team-voice volume sliders would always reset to 50
  • Fixed a bug where the scrollbar in the Social Panel would sometimes display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the blurred background would sometimes make friend notes illegible in the Hover Card UI
  • Fixed a bug where the VCT Masters Reykjavik Winner Title would get overlapped by the Player Card in the Hover Card UI




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