Use this Sage one-way wall on Breeze to trick your enemies

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sage isn’t just a healer but an incredibly tactical agent who can pull off insane plays, a new wall find proves. 

Valorant’s first healer Sage is often looked at as a delicate agent who can pause pushes with her walls and support teammates. While this is her ultimate job as a Sentinel, new tactics are proving that she has much more to offer. This latest lineup for her barrier on Breeze shows she can trick enemies into her crosshair. 

This wall lineup can create a sneaky one-way on Breeze’s point B. To pull it off:

  1. Stand on top of the bridge between the pyramids and equip the barrier.
  2. Align the wall with the gap between two bars and lay it down.
  3. Jump down from the top into the pool and press the crouch key.

From here, you can have a one-way view of all the enemies pushing in from A main. You may want to scope in your weapon to get a better idea. Use an Operator to get a kill from the thin gap between the bars and bottom of the barrier. There’s a very tiny gap, which is why this wall is essentially ideal for getting intel safely. However, a skilled Operator player can cash out more using this one-way. 

It is a tricky position since the bottom half of your body will be exposed. However, enemies will be in an elevated position, which is why they won’t be able to spot you under the Pyramid bars. You may want to get into a safer place or pick a fight before they come closer and spot you under a barrier. 

On the attacking side, Sage can be instrumental in watching flanks, but this lineup will her a valuable asset on defense as well. Due to the small size of her barrier, there’s not much Sage can do as a defender. So, it’s ideal to use her utility differently. 

Is Sage a good agent on Breeze?

Sage is the only Sentinel you should be picking on a large map like Breeze. Killjoy and Cypher’s utility come short on extensive areas as they can’t effectively watch flanks.

In contrast, Sage can scout the backlines and contribute to the team’s overall health, making her excellent support on Breeze. By utilizing her walls creatively, good aimers can actually use Sage like a passive duelist to create space for teammates. 


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