Valorant Episode 1 Act III will introduce new agent

By Olivia Richman


Oct 7, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant fans were excited when Riot announced a new map for Act III. 

Developers originally stated that Icebox would be coming in Episode 2, but surprised players with its early release to avoid an “empty episode scenario.” It seemed like a good move, considering Valorant players only had three maps to cycle through previously. The exciting development made players even more hyped for what Act III will have in store when it drops next week. 

In a press release about Act III’s content, Riot developers immediately stated that their newest agent won’t be released for another two weeks. That’s one patch cycle after the start of Act III. 

“Simply put, our last few patches haven’t been the most stable, and we know more of you want Icebox. Delaying the release of a new agent allows us to better handle any issues that might emerge when launching alongside Patch 1.10,” communications associate Jeff Landa explained. 

Even though players won’t be graced with a new agent next week, Valorant still dropped an abundance of hints about the new agent in the press release. Developers didn’t reveal any of the agents abilities, but a photo of the agent showed the orange-haired agent with a bird on her shoulder and some type of green flame on her arm. 

It’s possible that the bird is part of her kit, as well as a wolf-like creature that’s been hinted at a few times in artwork. It could be part of her ultimate, pointing towards a druid-like agent that uses nature and animals to her advantage. 

Valorant agent teaser

Who is Valorant’s newest agent for Act III?

Even though Valorant’s dev team wasn’t ready to share more about the new agent, leakers have already revealed a few details about this tough-looking woman.

Data miners have uncovered that her name is possibly Skye. One of her abilities is an area of effect heal that doesn’t heal herself. She might also have a wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down. She can also send out a bird that will be similar to Sova’s Recon Bolt. Skye might also release three wolves that chase enemies across the map. 

Valorant developers have not confirmed this information. 

In lieu of that, Landa outlined some details about Icebox, a competitive refresh, the Act III battlepass and a new skin called Singularity. The “powerful, abstract” and “mysterious” weapons may be the same as the previously revealed G.U.N. line. The Battlepass features “revamped” weekly missions for “faster unlocks” and “Epilogue tiers.” Players will be able to collect exclusives like the “Chilly McFreeze” gun buddy. 

While exciting, most fans are still hungry for more info about the new agent coming October 27. 

“Not gonna lie, the Act III patch is a bit scary considering the high amount of content coming and potential instability. We want to be faster when it comes to resolving any issues or exploits,” Landa explained. “This delay gives our team some breathing room to make sure current agents play nice with the new map (invisible Spy Cams, invincibility, teleporting in the wrong neighborhood, etc.) before introducing another variable.”


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