Valorant practice

Valorant Mobile’s practice mode is better than PC

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Players will either be pleased or enraged to know that practice mode in Valorant Mobile is tenfold better than the PC variant. 

Valorant Mobile is currently in the late stages of testing, and gameplay clips have been steadily leaking. A recent leak revealed an MVP animation exclusive to the mobile version, which has left PC players green with envy. Thus far, Valorant Mobile appears to be shaping up as a perfect FPS game, and this latest leak serves as further confirmation. 

Valorant Mobile playtesters have leaked a snippet from practice mode, and it’s nothing like the PC variant. Unlike PC, players on mobile will be able to practice on proper maps with bots, which is another feature that has PC players on edge.

Valorant Mobile may have map-specific practice mode


The latest leak shows the main player sauntering through Ascent, where some passageways are blocked with a golden screen. The player can be seen clicking heads on bots placed on tight corners and choke points. Even though the boys aren’t as deadly with their guns, it’s a pretty effective way for new players to practice their reaction and shooting corners. As the player takes down bots, the blocked paths keep opening, and A site appears on the map. 

So far, only a snippet of Ascent has been leaked, but the game may have a practice map for all existing locations in Valorant. 

This is quite similar to how practice works in CS2, where players can learn shooting on any map they wish. Unfortunately, you can’t place or control bots in Valorant Mobile yet, but Riot may add more advanced features later. 

Whether that happens or not, PC players are already convinced that Valorant Mobile is better. Maybe, Riot would take the reaction of the community into consideration and change how practice works in Valorant PC.