Valorant Mobile’s leaked feature leaves PC players envious

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 22, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant mobile hasn’t been released yet but it’s already stirring drama, making PC players envious of its exclusive visuals. 

Valorant Mobile has been under development for almost two years, and players eagerly await its arrival. Now, more details and snippets have started to slip through the cracks, and they’re so good that PC players are jealous. 

The data miners have discovered the MVP screen for Reyna from Valorant Mobile China, which the PC variant doesn’t have. Now, the players want Riot to step up and make the PC version equally pretty. 

The leaked MVP screen features the sharp duelist Reyna in her full purple glory, magically appearing on the screen. The agent swipes out her utility and then wraps up the sequence in a fierce pose with a massive MVP banner behind her. 

A similar animation for Yoru has also been leaked, which is also exclusive to Valorant Mobile for now. 

Valorant players want mobile MVP animation on PC

Deadlock Valorant

PC variant doesn’t necessarily celebrate the MVP besides placing the MVP agent in the center of the full winning lineup. However, PC players like the mobile version more, and it’s only reasonable. 

The mobile MVP screen is more elaborate. By putting the best player under the spotlight, the game motivates the participants to do better and earn the final action. It would also make a nice addition to Valorant highlight clips if you win the MVP title, that is. 

Now, players are requesting Riot to consider adding the MVP animation to Valorant PC and make it less boring. Valorant doesn’t have many style animations outside the game besides the agent select screen.

Still, it’s unlikely that Riot would do any such thing because a few things would always set Valorant PC apart from mobile. But players are still holding out hope.