Valorant community battle pass

Valorant introducing community battle pass with fan-made items

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is taking Valorant cosmetic store to another level with a community battle pass featuring fan art. 

Exclusive Valorant skins can be pricy, so the developer introduced cheap battle pass cosmetics for those who don’t want to take extra shifts for a pretty Operator. The animated skins have heavily inspired community artists who continued to roll out better versions of battle pass skins. Some of these designs were a hit in the Valorant community as players requested Riot to hire these designers for future skins.

The developer didn’t hire the creators in any permanent way, but they will see their items added to the game. This will come through the first community battle pass. 

In a brand new episode of Dev Diaries, Ana Donlon has revealed that a community battle pass is in the works. This package will include skins, cards, and sprays designed by Valorant players. 

What’s Valorant community battle pass? 

The Valorant community battle pass is a battle pass filled with items made by fans.

It will allow the creative players to whip up their own designs and submit them to Riot Games. The developer will pick the best and present them in front of the community of players, who’ll then vote for their favorite designs. The most-voted items will make it to the battle pass. 

It’s worth noting that this community battle pass will be regional. So European and North American players will have different sprays, cards, and skins in their packages. This will ensure that each battle pass feels more personal for the players. These cards will likely include tons of meme references that only people from a specific country or region would understand. 

This new initiative will give talented artists a chance to get featured in Valorant. It’s unknown how Riot will credit the artists, but it’s still an excellent opportunity to be part of one of the most popular shooter games in 2022. 

When is Valorant community battle pass coming? 

Valorant Episode 4, Act 2 will introduce Valorant’s first-ever community battle pass on March 1

Players should gear up to shop the brand new cards and skins. The exact price of the battle pass is unknown, but it’ll likely cost 1,000 Valorant points.