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Valorant cheaters hit with a massive ban wave

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 5, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has wiped a large number of cheaters in Valorant ahead of upcoming episode 8, act 2, according to reports.

Cheating is a problem in gaming that players have to come to terms with. To some extent, it’s unavoidable, but Valorant has managed to tackle the cheating problem pretty well. After rolling out new features and ways to filter out cheaters, Riot has now pulled out the ban hammer, resulting in a massive ban wave. 

Episode 8, Act 2, is on the horizon, which means a new agent 25 will enter the fold anytime. The recent ban wave was necessary to prepare for the upcoming meta shift. 

Riot bans multiple cheaters from Valorant 

Valorant agents

The Valorant ban wave was reported by the credible Twitter account “Anti-Cheat Police Department,” which claimed that Riot had eliminated multiple cheaters from the core. By hitting cheat providers, the developer ensured that the game would stay clean for the next few months. 

According to the report, the developer has targeted DMA devices, a cheat or exploit that involves manipulating or abusing Direct Memory Access (DMA). This manipulation occurs at a low level, often bypassing traditional cheat detection methods, making it extremely difficult for a dev to get ahold of this. 

The Twitter account shared screenshots from the virtual shops of the cheat sellers, who are temporarily shutting down their services to deal with the unexpected ban wave. 

It remains to be seen how long the ban wave’s effects will last, but at least players will have a great start to Valorant episode 8, act 2, which starts on March 5.