Valorant announces Valentine’s Day bundle with a cute gun buddy

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 14, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Riot is celebrating Valentine’s Day in Valorant with Link Up and Lock In, a cute accessory bundle. 

Valorant agents have immersive backstories and lore. But, most importantly, they believe in true love, no matter how much trauma it has caused them. For this reason, each year, Riot adds either in-game easter eggs or items to commemorate Valentine’s Day. This year, Valorant’s “Duo Day” will be marked by a cute Link Up and Lock In accessory bundle. 

Riot took to Twitter to announce the time-limited surprise collection that would stay up for grabs from February 13 to 28. 

The cheap bundle includes a dynamic gun buddy, sprays, and player cards. The gun buddy is a simple cat doll, but it’s actually responsive to bullets. When a single player puts up the cat charm, it stays yellow. However, when fired, the cat’s face transforms into an angry expression. 

When two players equip the gun buddy simultaneously, the cat’s face turns pink, and instead of angry reactions, the gun buddy gets hearty eyes. This gun charm is one of a kind and surely a must-have for accessory collectors in Valorant. 

For sprays, players get two cat dolls: yellow and pink. The same goes for player cards as well. 

Valorant Valentine's Day bundle

The Link Up and Lock In bundle is priced at 1,650 Valorant points, which roughly equates to $20. It’s a pretty decent price for multiple cosmetics, but players are still angry at Riot.  

The official Valorant page made a tiny typo that had everyone believe that the bundle is free of cost. The original post mistitled the bundle as “Log In and Link Up.” So, when Riot reposted the rectified image, it caused anger among the players who were excited to grab the Valentine’s Day cosmetic for free.